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Made to Measure: Still a long way to go

- Made to Measure' concept has not yet clicked in India since delivery and price issues are still to be tackled to make MTM convenient and comfortable to people.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Penfabric Sdn. Berhad is OEKO-TEX® Company of the Month for Feb'14

- Malaysia is becoming an increasingly attractive growth market for international clothing retailers.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Ecuador to amend labelling requirements for garments

- The Ministry of Industry and Productivity (MIPRO) of Ecuador has revised the regulations regarding labelling of garments to be exported to Ecuador.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Italy displays new dimensions

- SizeITALY, the representative Italian serial measurement survey programme, is a joint project of the Human Solutions Group, several partners from the Italian apparel industry and Sistemi Assyst, the Italian member of the Human Solutions Group on site in Lainate.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Arvind acquires 49% stake in Calvin Klein India

- Sanjay Lalbhai-controlled Arvind has finalised a deal to buy out 49 per cent stake jointly held by the Murjani Group and the US-based private equity fund Matrix Partners in Calvin Klein India for close to Rs 100 crore.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Optimising Indian retail supply chain by CPFR

- CPFR is a concept that aims to enhance supply chain integration by supporting and assisting joint practices, the benefits of which include enhanced relationship, greater sales, category management, improved product offering, and inventory reductions.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
TPP agreement and its implications for Indian T&C sector

- Exporters from TPP member countries will get preferential access in the US market vis-ŕ-vis exporters from non-TPP member countries.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Investigation of fabric sewability

- Results of an investigation of knitted fabric sewability, percentage of rejection and rework involved and loss incurred in the apparel industry due to the sewability problem.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Sonal Apparel goes for WFX Cloud ERP

- Sonal Apparel Pvt Ltd (SAPL) is a company focused on creative aspects of fashion and excels in apparel manufacturing.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Jeanlogia's finishing tech makes a splash in South America

- Jeanologia is positioned in the South American market as a leader in sustainable technology for garment finishing.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Nano-prinTag meets with big successes

- Nano-prinTag stirred the creative minds of hundreds of garment printers at the recently concluded KnitVision in Ludhiana.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Retail demand boom eludes Africa's T&C industry

- Retail demand for clothing in South Africa has expanded significantly since the world recession, according to Textiles Intelligence.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
LIVA launches Spring Summer Collection & Trends for 2015

- Birla Cellulose, world leaders in manufacturing viscose fibres from the house of Aditya Birla Group launched its Spring Summer Collection & Trend Themes in fabric and garments for 2015.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
A.T.E. ropes in big names in apparel knowhow

- With the recent tie-up with Juki, A.T.E. Group seems to have been on a consolidation drive to make its Garment Machinery Division a full-fledged entity.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Denim washing: Its process cycle

- In order to achieve the optimum effect of washing process on the denim woven fabric in different washing time, various washes were carried out for cotton and cotton-spandex denim fabric.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
The Irreplaceable Parka

- The fall/winter’s coolest jacket: the parka became a symbol of the British Mod scene and has come down through the years unmarked by time.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
M&S ties up with SDC Enterprises

- Marks and Spencer Plc has partnered with SDC Enterprises Ltd and UL VS UK Ltd to develop and produce a new Multifibre Adjacent fabric, SDCE Multifibre.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Virtual product development on the move

- Virtual product development is becoming increasingly important in the apparel industry.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
US Restricted List for apparels, home textiles

- The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has published the 13th edition of its Restricted Substances List (RSL) which covers apparel, footwear and home textiles.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Lace: Finer & more affordable with ML 46

- Karl Mayer ML 46 makes lace production cost effective.

published January, 2014  |  more Details
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