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Graf's circular comb

- Together with the top comb, the circular comb is the key technological component of the comber, influencing the characteristics of the yarn with respect to evenness, strength and cleanliness, which in turn have a direct effect on the finished product as far as softness, visual effect and grip is concerned.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Innovative retrofits to draw frames

- According to the Swistzerland-based Rieter, many progressive enhancements of the draw frame can be integrated in older machine models with little effort.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Double deck winders with a new Twist

- Precision turned and ground shafts running on double raw self aligning ball bearing suitable to attain the highest speed up to 600 m per minute with smooth function and appreciable least vibration.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Lakshmi Caipo's revolutionary invention in spinning

- Injection slub is an invention in spinning in which a coloured fibre is injected in the plain yarn, which gives an attractive look to the fabric.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
SSM displays at three exhibitions

- SSM attended three exhibitions in spring time: Techtextil Russia 2014 in Moscow, Russia – the 12th Textile Asia International Exhibition in Karachi, Pakistan and the Exintex 2014 in Puebla, Mexico.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Spot humidifier with digital humidity control

- Based in Coimbatore, Humifogg Systems’ line of expertise is in the area of power saving ultra fogging nozzles and high pressure pumps for the direct humidification system.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Macro potential in microfibres

- Microfibres can give birth to a completely new generation of ultra-fine synthetic yarns, which are bound to have a brighter future in the Indian market.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Itema sets up R&D incubator as revenue soars 25%

- Itema started Q1 2014 on a very positive note and in line with the strong growth experienced in the same period last year.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Eco-friendly fabrics from bamboo

- Bamboo can yield eco-friendly fabrics, which due to high functional properties can be used medical, military, industrial, domestic, apparel and household furnishing applications.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Cotton-polyester fabrics wicking behaviour

- Fabric woven with warp cotton and weft polyester exhibits higher wicking height in warp direction for plain, twill and satin weaves.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Development of leno carpet

- A simple model loom fabricated to produce leno pile carpet at the laboratory stage may provide an alternative to the carpet industry for producing plain carpet on mass scale on which further designing can be done by embossing.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Rieter Com4®jet for more economy in knitting

- A Com4®jet knitted fabric is a synonym for optimal pilling resistance, minimal seam drifting and highest colour fastness.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Cotton/Lycra core-spun single jersey knitted fabrics

- The loop shape factor is not constant for knitted fabrics using core-spun yarn and depending on the structure, the loop shape factors are significantly different between the loop length and between different relaxed states.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Itema unveils improved website

- Itema announced the relaunch of its corporate website, revamped to give an enriched and more user-friendly experience through a modern design and new, improved functionality.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Karl Mayer revamps RD machines

- Warp-knitted spacer fabrics produced on the RD 6/1-12 and RD 7/2-12 (EL) are absolutely indispensable nowadays for use as upholstery fabrics and shoe textiles.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Cost-effective yarn sizing thanks to VLT® AutomationDrive

- Prashant Westpoint Pvt Ltd, has produced sizing machines for the textile industry for 3-4 years. VLT® AutomationDrives with MCO 305 Motion Control Option provide flexible, reliable and cost-effective yarn sizing and make expensive servo-systems omissible.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Barre in viscose knitted fabric

- Barre is a problem that results from inconsistencies and is a result of poor management of fibre, yarn, and/or related knitting processes.

published February, 2014  |  more Details
Karl Mayer acquires majority stake in LIBA

- On January 1, 2014 KARL MAYER will acquire the majority of the ownership of LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH, which in the future will be integrated into the KARL MAYER group

published January, 2014  |  more Details
SIGRAFIL C SBY: high-performance yarn for knitting

- SGL Group, the Carbon Company based in Germany, has started production of stretch-broken carbon fibre yarn at its facility in Muir of Ord, Scotland.

published January, 2014  |  more Details
The Hosiery Association dissolves

- The Hosiery Association's (THA) Board of Directors voted to dissolve the 108 year-old organisation effective December 31, 2013.

published January, 2014  |  more Details
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