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Fabric comfort: Cotton v/s bamboo

- Bamboo yarn shows better results in case of strength, elongation and hairiness, and while bamboo fabric is more extensible than cotton fabric, cotton fabric shows more stiffness and geometrically rougher surface.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Swiss Crealet AG's 10th anniversary

- The Swiss-headquartered Crealet AG is proud to announce their 10th anniversary and to have consolidated our position as a world leader in electronically controlled warp let-off devices for narrow and wide weaving machines.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Dynamic's unique semi-automatic loom

- Dynamic Autolooms India is an ISO 9001:2000 company and is the designer, developer, manufacturer and exporter of various machines in the field of textile industry.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
The charm of transparency, fabrics for the future

- According to the "Moods Spring-Summer 2015" cards published by the Deutsches-Mode Institut, DMI (German Fashion Institute), ultra-lightweight textiles are the latest trend in both the sportswear and haute couture sectors.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Fibre to yarn conversion cost

- Between mills, the conversion cost differed considerably in all the counts, ranging from about 20 per cent to over 100 per cent.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Testing the world's favourite fibre

- Spinners can rely on accurate data from the USTER® AFIS PRO 2 fibre test instrument to optimise yarn processes for quality and profitability.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Why does India need automatic DTY machines?

- Barmag is fully committed to bring new technology and economical machine concepts to the revolutionary Indian texturising industry. Its energy-efficient, auto-doff eAFK machine is one of them.

published May, 2014  |  more Details
Oerlikon turns out good results amid pressures

- Oerlikon's manmade fibres segment raised its operational performance to a historical high, with the sales in 2013 going up by 2.4 per cent to CHF 1,130 million.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Warp-knit fabrics, a blend of style & function

- New textile developments for the sports and apparel sectors from KARL MAYER show how lightness and functionality characteristics are the latest buzzwords in the clothing sector.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
3D fabrics: Performance depends on layers

- Three dimensional (3D) woven fabric as reinforcement is the backbone of textile composites and becoming popular due to cost saving, high production, nearest shaping and superior mechanical properties.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Schlafhorst emerges No. 1 in China

- Schlafhorst enters the 'Year of the Horse' with energy and momentum, and will consolidate and expand its market position in China and other Asian markets.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Cotton: Advantage India

- China's challenges may be India's gain if the industry can capitalise on low cotton prices, leading spinners told at the USTER® Quality University.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Package winding: A new wave of automation rolls in

- With the Autoconer X5 and its new modular automation options, Schlafhorst offers spinning mills worldwide an optimal opportunity to ride this trend successfully.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Polar E Premium for ring frames without automatic doffing

- Savio's Polar E Premium Automatic Winder is an alternative solution for all those mills where mainly existing ring frames are without automatic doffing.

published April, 2014  |  more Details
Global meet on natural fibres

- The Indian Natural Fibre Society plans to organise International Conference on Natural Fibres from July 9-11, 2014 at Science City, Kolkata. The theme of the conference is Jute & Allied Fibres.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
PCI Fibres Conference in Istanbul

- This year the PCI Fibres Conference will be held in the heart of Istanbul’s business quarter, bringing together delegates involved in raw materials and fibres through to textiles and distribution.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Chanda offers specialised yarns

- Chanda Yarn Agency are dealers of all types of specialised yarns.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Weavetech Precision Winders

- Weavetech's HPW & SPW series Precision Winders are for the production of dye packages for pre & post dyeing processes for use in Weaving, Knitting and other operations including plying.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
User-friendly & reliable LCESY

- LCESY stands today as a market oriented device: Reliable, innovative & user-friendly.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
Rotorcraft opens new chapter in compact spinning

- After more than 4 years of intensive research and development, Rotorcraft finally had found a material which is fibre friendly, wear-resistant and virtually non-breakable. This High-Density-Compound (HDC) has opened a new chapter of Compact Spinning.

published March, 2014  |  more Details
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Testing the world's favourite fibre
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