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HKS 2-3 in a gauge of E 50 knits superfine fabrics

- When comparing the productivity of the Karl Mayer' HKS 2-3 in a gauge of E 50 with a circular weft knitting machine of the same gauge, the high-speed tricot machine, with a speed of 3,200 min-1 and an output of 46 m2/h, clearly stands out.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Yarn segmentation: Knowledge of yarn application helps in making a decision

- It is not easy to say which spinning process is the best for a spinning plant with respect to end use, but the explanations attempted here on the different aspects, such as yarn properties, process flexibility, end uses, etc serve to help spinning plants, yarn sellers and yarn purchasers.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Mahlo Atmoset-12: Key to optimising steam savings

- With Mahlo Atmoset-12, the optimal degree of drying is always reached, regardless of the weight of the product or the web speed.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Calender cotton bowls: Some problems & remedies-III

- Usually all problems pertaining to calender finish on fabric arise out of cotton bowls.

published November, 2013  |  more Details
LabPack: Online lab for spinners

- The LabPack strengthens LOEPFE's market leadership in yarn clearers and online quality monitoring.

published November, 2013  |  more Details
Com4® Yarn in Practice

- Com4® Yarn is precisely then a guarantee for success in practical application, when the best yarn for the respective application is used. The limitations and operating conditions must thereby be known.

published November, 2013  |  more Details
DSE-EC: New elastane warping machine for warp knitting sector

- Key features of DSE-EC include a computer-controlled braking system for guaranteeing uniform braking paths, reliable and safe stopping of the machine in the event of a power failure, axis-controlled drives with individual motors, and the possibility of activating or deactivating individual creel arms during production.

published November, 2013  |  more Details
Calender cotton bowls: Some problems & remedies-II

- Usually all problems pertaining to calender finish on fabric arise out of cotton bowls.

published October, 2013  |  more Details
TC2: Digitally weaving a revolution for future

- While the TC2 operates on a highly sophisticated technology and requires electricity to run, it preserves the old world charm of the handloom by giving the wearer complete control through manual shuttle operations.

published October, 2013  |  more Details
Neps control vital for efficient production in a spinning mill

- Controlling fibre neps with the USTER® MN100 provides cost-efficient benefits for spinners - in terms of both reduced waste and lower raw material costs - but weavers also profit from quality management focusing on neps.

published October, 2013  |  more Details
TOMSIC EASY: Evenness Tester for yarn, roving, sliver

- Tomsic has introduced the latest model of EASY with some software improvement and hardware simplification.

published October, 2013  |  more Details
Automation in textile industry: Siemens in the driver's seat

- From the production of chemical fibres, spinning and yarn production, fabric manufacturing to finishing, Siemens provides solutions through automation and drive technology from a single source to the customer and further supports through value-added services.

published October, 2013  |  more Details
Calender cotton bowls: Some problems & remedies

- Usually all problems pertaining to calender finish on fabric arise out of cotton bowls.

published September, 2013  |  more Details
Denim dyeing goes ecological with new INDIGOROPE "GENIUS/C"

- INDIGOROPE GENIUS/C: A new machine for ecological dyeing of denim.

published September, 2013  |  more Details
J 20 air-jet spinning machine for new raw material applications

- Rieter has recently released the air-jet spinning application for new raw materials and yarn count ranges.

published September, 2013  |  more Details
New Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL: Knowing which way the wind blows

- The new Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL - an expert in meeting the requirements of the wind power sector.

published September, 2013  |  more Details
Reduce sludge & save $72,251 in total operation cost!

- Chemical programmes improve colour removal efficiency, reduce BOD & COD as well as sludge generation for a textile plant in India.

published August, 2013  |  more Details
What makes a Com4® yarn so successful?

- Rieter is frequently asked which yarn it recommends for which application. The question is not always easy to answer because the application range of the yarn depends on the requirements placed on the end-product, the economic demands of the spinning plant as well as the customer base of the yarn manufacturer. The following information is designed to help decide which Com4® yarn is the best for the individual customer and for the textile application.

published August, 2013  |  more Details
Getting rid of pilling & uneven looks with USTER® Statistics

- USTER® STATISTICS – a powerful and practical quality resource, freely available for all, helping the textile industry to deal with pilling and uneven fabric appearance – and much more besides.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
Successful processing of carbon fibre heavy tows on Malitronic®

- Successful processing of carbon fibre heavy tows on the Malitronic® MULTIAXIAL machine.

published July, 2013  |  more Details
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