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About Indian Textile Journal

Established in 1890, the 130-year old INDIAN TEXTILE JOURNAL is the definitive source of information for the Indian textile industry. Acclaimed as the leading textile magazine, this publication by ASAPP INFO GLOBAL GROUP is avidly read every month by decision-makers from the industry with its sustained focus on technology and trade. The magazine also has a robust digital presence with its website,

When transformation is the mantra, information is power. Established in 1890, the INDIAN TEXTILE JOURNAL (ITJ) is a 130-year old veteran, serving the Indian - and Asian - textile industry with diligence and determination for well over a century! Acclaimed as India’s leading textile magazine, this publication by ASAPP INFO GLOBAL GROUP is avidly read every month by decision-makers from the industry. From fibre, yarn, technical and non-woven textiles to spinning, weaving, processing, dyeing and finishing, knitting and garmenting, ITJ’s editorial content spans the gamut of materials and processes vital to the industry. Indeed, its sustained focus on technology and trade through coverage of new products and processes, technological breakthroughs and trade fair information has proved invaluable to the sector in today’s competitive environment.

Testament to the influence of the magazine are these numbers: With a circulation of over 10,000, it enjoys a readership of about 100,000, with 80 per cent of readers from senior management; and every monthly issue carries over 50 units of advertisements, featuring countries that offer technologies and products for the global textile industry. What’s more, the magazine has a robust digital presence; its website is a preferred source of news and information.

Going forward, ITJ remains committed to catalyse growth in the sector and the nation with valuable information, insights and analyses. This indeed is the promise of ASAPP Info Global Group, which, over two decades, has reflected India’s transformation, echoed its aspirations, addressed its challenges and predicted its potential across economically crucial sectors like construction, infrastructure, power, real estate, manufacturing, automobile and textiles. A true thought leader, ASAPP Info Global Group has radically transformed the B2B universe with its dynamic offerings in the print, Web and events space.

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The manufacturing sector in India has undergone evolutionary changes over the last four decades with the country itself transforming from a protected economy to anopen market. Amid these changes, what has remained constant is the endeavour of Industrial Products Finder (IPF) to equip Indian industries with informationthat enables them to face the dynamic market place.

Industrial Product Finder (IPF) has over 18000 monthly subscribers with additional 3000 promotional copies.

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