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Spinning & Weaving
Weaver & warper beams from Bharat Bobbins

BHARAT Bobbins Ltd has emerged as the largest manufacturers and exporters of weaver beams and dynamically balanced warper beams in India. The company has an experience of over 66 years in the textile accessories business.

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MGS baling press

SINCE its inception in 1942, M Govind & Sons (MGS) has made one breakthrough after another. Starting as automobile and machinery engineers, MGS soon moved into other areas of specialisation.

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New range of cots & aprons from Super Tex

NEW technologies from Super Tex already pave the road for tomorrow’s quality demands. They provide worldwide service and support of Super Tex products. They do not merely sell cots & aprons, they sell solutions.

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FOG-MAX Humidifier

FOG-MAX Humidifier is extremely useful for spot humidification in various sections like pre-conditioning, post-conditioning, packing, combing, winding, weaving, dyeing, etc. It does not require external support (like compressed air or water pressure pumps) for its working.

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Instrumentation & IT
Texlab’s complete textile lab solutions

TEXLAB Industries, Ahmedabad offers a complete range of dyes, chemical, yarn and fabric testing instruments. Having the ISO: 9001-2000 certification, Texlab has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest in cutting-edge technology.

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GREEN counters, sensors & timers

GREEN Microelectronics India (P) Ltd manufactures electronic products for automation field. The products are designed, manufactured in-house in conformance with industrial standard requirements. Green offers a full range of services provided by its technically trained application engineers, from application problem solving and technical sales support to a quick response time to customer requests.

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Sensors for imported textile machinery

KATLAX, one of India’s top ‘Sensors’ company offers a wide range of solutions to your Imported & Indigenous Textile Machines. These Sensors are for Imported & Indigenous Textile Machinery has been accepted by United States & European market against international competition.

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Precision metallic coil springs

RAJASTHAN Engitech (P) Ltd, Chandigarh, an ISO 9001: 2000 Company, offers all kinds of springs: Compression Spring - Wire Dia 0.10 to 30.00 mm; Torsion Springs - Wire Dia 0.10 to 14.00 mm; Extension Spring - Wire Dia 0.10 to 22.00 mm; Spiral Springs - Strip 0.10 to 6.00 mm - Thick - Width - 3.00 to 16.00 mm; Wire Forms – Wire Dia 0.10 to 14.00 mm; Tubular and Sheet Metal Components.

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ZKL bearings & accessories

ZKL Bearings (India) Pvt Ltd, Kolkata offers Spherical Roller Bearings for vibratory machinery and installations. In frame of technical advancement the production program of roller bearings in ZKL Brno AS is being continuingly developed.

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Servomax Stabilizer

SERVOMAX’ brand is today synonymous with Quality, Reliability and Service… characteristics that have earned immense confidence in and total satisfaction of the customers. Servomax India Limited, an ISO 9001-2000 company is in the field of manufacturing power conditioning and power saving equipment under the reputed brand name of “SERVOMAX” since 1982.

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