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Spinning & Weaving
Technocraft's weaver/warper beams

Technocraft Industries manufacturing weaver/warper beams with die casted alluminium alloy flanges solid type as well as hollow type construction with reinforced ribs on outer surface for better strength. we have in house facility of precision machining, grinding, buffing polishing work & the dynamic balancing is done on latest computerised balancing machine.

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Air-jet weaving machine controller

ASIA Automation Pvt Ltd, Pune offers an air-jet weaving machine controller, which is a high speed engine microprocessor based controller for the total weaving machine control. It synchronises the weaving functions of the machine, controls the LET-OFF, maintains the warp tension and activates the solenoid outputs in precise relation to the motion and angle of the loom.

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R + F rings & travelers

The Reiners + Furst brand is a global synonym for rings and travelers of famously high, guaranteed top quality, which optimise spinning process. R+F is the only manufacturer in the world to produce spinning rings with loop technology. Loop is an innovation by R+F. It produces spinning rings with the highest precision at the very limits of technological possibility and with barely-measurable tolerances.

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Knitting & Hosiery
New Liba double weft spacer

LIBA offers double needle bar Raschel machine for innovative spacer fabrics, with steplessly adjustable spacer distance of 15 - 30 mm.

published June, 2008 more Details   more Knitting & Hosiery
Ultrafeeder with double control on tension & speed

Ultrafeeder represents the new generation BTSR solution able to satisfy the most demanding needs in socks/hosiery and large diameter circular knitting machines, seamless, flat knitting and several looms (cotton, Raschel, labelling and narrow fabrics manufacturing) applications, and sewing machines.

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Autocutting plant to optimise cutting

LA Meccanica's autocutting plant has the following purpose: To check manually or automatically the quality of the fabric; To prepare automatically the optimisation of the cut disposition according to the kind and position of the defects; To drive the automatic rolling and cutting machine accordingly to the optimised disposition of cut; To divide and roll up separately first quality and second quality.

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Processing, Dyeing & Finishing
Morrison's compressive shrinking range

MORRISON offers a compressive shrinking range, in which the multi pass and single pass moisturisers incorporate nozzle-type spray units and low pressure steam that uniformly saturate the fabric and lubricate the yarn in preparation for compaction at the rubber belt machine. The density of the atomising unit can be controlled. Each moisturiser utilises a stainless steel enclosure, which contains and unifies the humidification zone.

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Instrumentation & IT
SliverWatch to eliminate contamination

BARCO has introduced SliverWatch, which helps yarn manufacturers to fight the contamination problem. This detection system is installed in the creel of draw frames handling the first step drawing or in the creel of the lapper. The purpose is to stop the draw frame or the lapper, if a contaminated sliver is detected, so that the operator can eliminate the contamination, thus avoiding that second step drawing and spinning spreads the contamination over many metres of yarn.

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Low cost self-lubricating bushes, DG-506-30-2HS

MAC Marketing Corporation now offers multi-layered self-lubricating bearings with a PTFE-filled overlayer, a sintered bronze interlayer and a steel backing. These have been developed for applications in high load, and low speed operations.

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Gem Heatless Air Dryers

Gem Equipments Limited, Coimbatore is a world class manufacturer and an ISO 9001 certified company successfully engaged in producing innovative products, viz, Compressed air dryers & accessories, cooling towers, chilling plants, dry coolers, etc to serve the industrial needs.

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Long range photosensor with built-in on-off delay

Shiva Electronics has developed `a new long range photoelectric diffuse beam sensor with built-in on & off delay. This box type sensor is available in ABS plastic. Size of the sensor is 55 x 50 x 17 mm.

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Cole-Parmer's India Catalog 2008

COLE-PARMER India has released the free Annual Preferred Solutions Catalog targeted toward manufacturing sector and research communities. As standards, end-users in these markets are looking to buy global products the global way.

published June, 2008 more Details   more Miscellaneous
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