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Spinning & Weaving
Revolutionary in-line twisting system

TWISTECHNOLOGY specialised in designing and producing twisting machines offers TWISTUP, which combines two production processes in a single pass, saving time and money involved in moving all the bobbins from one machine to the next.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Spinning & Weaving
Marzoli redesigns card for output rise with same quality

AN increase of production without losing quality has always been the main challenge all the time. The new card model C601SN from Marzoli has been redesigned in order to achieve this difficult goal.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Spinning & Weaving
Knitting & Hosiery
Rib-Interlock, 6 colour stripers

JUMBERCA SA, manufacturers of circular knitting machines, has introduced an Inter-rib striper machine, MIL-B6 to obtain high quality fabrics based on 8 locks using 4 tracks on cylinder and 2 tracks on dial.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Knitting & Hosiery
Processing, Dyeing & Finishing
DMS 11 HT Jumbo Jetflow rapid dyeing system

HT Jumbo Jet-flow from Dilmenler is designed and manufactured with the latest high technology for dyeing any kind of fabric made of natural, synthetic and their blends such as;100%: CO, PES, PA, PAN, WO, Linen, Rayon, Polynosic; Blend of: PES/CO, CO/Lycra, PES/PAN, CO/WO, PES/WO, PAN/CO and other blends; Modern Fibres: Lyocell, Cupro, Tencel, PIES and PA Microfibres, Lycra, Spandex, Supplex, Tactel, Cordura, Micromtique, Tencel Coolmatex.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Processing, Dyeing & Finishing
Bobbin space dyeing machine model GSB

GALVANIN space dyeing machine for packages model GSB is suitable for all the "Fancy Yarn" in any kind of material. Completely built in stainless steel it is equipped with colour tanks with capacity of 200 lt and introduction pump for each tank.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Processing, Dyeing & Finishing
Gali printing table

GALI Internacional, manufacturers of mechanical construction, textile printing machines, offers printing table. The accuracy and precision of screen printing chiefly depends upon the quality of the equipment used, and especially upon one of its most important components, the table.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Processing, Dyeing & Finishing
Queen Jet: New HT dyeing machine

THE “Queen Jet” opera­ting system from MCH, Spain operates ba­sically by guiding the fabric submerged continuously in a high speed layer of bath along a route in which the textile cord travels as openly as possible, without experiencing abrupt changes in direction that alter its dimensional stability.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Processing, Dyeing & Finishing
Ekoteks ceramic cutters

EKOTEKS ceramic cutters are rapidly replacing the metal cutters in textiles and fibre industry. They are a boon to textile and fibre industry because of its outstanding quality, accuracy and consistency in cutting rates and cost saving. Ekoteks ceramic cutters are an innovative and ultimate cutting solution in the textile and fibre industry.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Auxiliaries
Hopper feeder with condenser gauge

SRE Sabari Mechine Works offers hopper feeder which is fed by a condenser mounted on top. The stock is dropped onto a short feed lattice at the bottom. The horizontal lattice conveys the stock to the inclined spiked lattice, assisted by a wooden pressure roller.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Auxiliaries
Vortex Separator

GEM Equipments Limited, Coimbatore is a world class manufacturer and an ISO 9001 certified company successfully engaged in producing innovative products, viz, compressed air dryers & accessories, cooling towers, chilling plants, dry coolers, etc to serve the industrial needs.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Auxiliaries
Blaze Turbine Air Ventilator

BLAZE ENGINEERS manufactures and supply Turbine Air Ventilator [which is a unique Exhaust Fan, which works without electricity. It runs on Wind Velocity]. The turbine air ventilator manufactured by Blaze Engineers functions without electricity, leaving no scope for any kind of shock or short circuit.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Miscellaneous
IGUS magnetic energy chain system

IGUS, a leading international producer of energy chain systems, including cables and accessories and wear-resistant polymer bearings, has recently presented more than 40 new products and line extensions.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Miscellaneous
Caterpillar’s new G3520C natural gas gensets

CATERPILLAR Inc has announced the introduction of two G3520C natural gas generator sets, now available with optional air and fuel system controls that have been enhanced to provide superior island mode operational capability.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Miscellaneous
Unique film packaging machine

BECK Packautomaten, which is specialised in the automatic film packaging of various products, offers among flexible standard machines also customised special packaging lines of first-class quality. It offers Beck-Serienpacker S 2640 X HP which is helpful in the film packing industry.

published April, 2008 more Details   more Miscellaneous
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