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Schneider Electric launches Sympholux

Schneider Electric has recently launched Sympholux, a comprehensive, customised lighting control solution based on the company’s three energy-efficient lighting control systems: KNX, C-Bus and DALI Control. The new, industry-exclusive lighting control offerings are well positioned to meet the diversified business and energy management needs of individual customers, helping them orchestrate optimised light and energy savings of as much as 60% on operating and maintenance costs without compromising lighting quality.

Mr Jeffery Tsui, regional business & product manager - Control Systems APAC, Schneider Electric, said, “Today’s lighting accounts for around 30% of a commercial building’s electricity consumption, and the number is likely to rise. Indeed, we see a growing demand for a quality, tailored energy-efficient lighting control system like Sympholux that brings optimised light and energy savings. The launch demonstrates our unique and leading position in energy management, providing customers with energy-efficient, reliable, productive and green products and services as well as our full commitment to offering integrated solutions that suit the diversified needs of multiple market segments in the region.”

Sympholux is an industry-leading customised lighting control solution that is distinctly positioned in the market with its innovative integration of the company’s three unique systems – KNX, C-Bus and DALI Control, for all kinds of buildings and premises. It creates a better working and living environment where individuals can control their personal lighting requirements while achieving significant energy savings. The solution is specially designed for commercial segments including office buildings, hotels, universities/education institutions, data centres, retail facilities and infrastructure.

  • KNX – The Standard in Interoperability - the world’s only EN50900-compliant Lighting Control system. It has an open protocol compatibility with a vast choice of products and applications, including Building Management System (BMS) and third-party integration.
  • C-Bus – The Expert in Ambience Lighting - features a high-powered 20A multi-channel dimming function to customise lighting installations for different settings and provides a wide choice of input units and control terminals combining practical functionality with aesthetics.
  • DALI Control – Optimising Individual Control and Centralised Management - simplifies the control and monitoring of lighting and energy consumption with its individual lighting control and individual device status, combined with centralised energy monitoring.

Sympholux allows customers to optimise energy consumption with its individual lighting control and energy monitoring capability. It can save users as much as 60% on operating and maintenance costs without compromising lighting quality.

With deactivated lights in unused spaces, heat from lighting and loading on the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system can be kept to a minimum while its daylight harvest feature enables simultaneously balancing light levels and optimising room temperature. The solution can also reduce group re-lamping via enhanced lamp failure reporting and simplify the installation and implementation of flexible, co-operative applications. Through these features, Sympholux enables enterprises to have green buildings and to slash energy costs.

published October, 2010
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