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  Performance & environ benefits behind success of DuPont™ Sorona®

DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced fiber* for the Indian textile market addresses the four principal segments of dynamic fit denim, permanent flex woven, easy stretch woven, and ultra soft knits. DuPont&™ Sorona® continues to develop partners throughout the value chain to bring new offerings and products for a wide variety of end uses to market and organised seminars in New Delhi and Bangalore recently to focus on applications developed by Indian mills/textiles companies.

Specifically, at these two shows, partner mills that featured Sorona® based products include Arvind, Raymond UCO, KG Denim, Vardhman, Banswara Syntex, Suditi, Raymond Zambaiti, Precot Meridian, and JCT. Some of the initial developments from select Surat mills working on Sarees and Ladies Wear material segments were also be on display.

“New applications, fabrics and end uses that feature Sorona® continue to be developed through our network of fibre and fabric manufacturers. The key to this new development is partners dedicated to working with fibres that can produce high-quality garment while reducing the impact that textiles have on the environment,” said Mr Gowri Nagarajan, business leader, Industrial Biosciences, DuPont India. “Sorona® ’s versatility and flexibility allow it to be extruded into a variety of fibres suitable for a broad range of end uses,” he added.

DuPont&™ Sorona® renewably sourced fibre continues DuPont’s legacy in fibre and fabric innovation. These new applications continue to highlight the unique combination of performance attributes and environmental benefits that Sorona® provides.

When used in dynamic fit denim and easy stretch woven, Sorona® provides denim and woven fabric consumers with comfort stretch that lasts a lifetime with the exceptional softness next to the skin with a natural feel. Since these important fabric attributes are incorporated into Sorona® at the time of manufacture, these features remain for the lifetime of the fabric.

For the intimate apparel segment, ultra soft knits, Sorona® provides a valuable combination of benefits including luxurious softness, flattering drape and easy care. When blended with other natural and synthetic fibres, Sorona® adapts to enhance their performance. Sorona® blends easily with natural fibres including cotton. Spandex, nylon, and other synthetic fibres also are able to be combined with Sorona® for an almost endless limit to fabric development.

For the permanent flex woven segment, Sorona® offers exceptional crease resistance coupled with a softness that makes it comfortable for Jacket wear launched in other regions of the Asia under the “Shape Memory” fabric concept. Once again, these features stay for the lifetime of the fabric and consumers will benefit from the feel of a brand new appeal in the fabric every time they go to wear the garment.

All end uses benefit from the environmental benefits provided by Sorona®. By replacing a traditionally petrochemical-based ingredient with one made from annually renewable feedstocks, Sorona® helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and petrochemicals. Combine this with the reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions, when compared to the production of an equal amount of nylon 6, Sorona® stands up to other fibres in environmental comparisons. The environmental benefits are verified by a peer-reviewed ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (www.renewable.dupont.com).

DuPont&™ Sorona® received Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certification in 2011. The Oeko-Tex® Product Class 1 certification, the most stringent class, signifies that Sorona® meets REACH and CPSIA standards and is safe for use with infants and toddlers. DuPont&™ Sorona® supports these various uses, as with the others, with hang-tags, literature, trade shows and other marketing and communication efforts. For more information on Sorona® and hangtags, visit www.sorona.dupont.com

published January , 2012
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