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"If China loses 10%, our exports will soar by 60%"

- If China loses 10 per cent, our business our exports will increase to 60 per cent.

published January, 2014  |  more Details
"Next 20 years are ours, India should do well"

- Next 20 years are ours. Whether in domestic market or exports, India should do well.

published January, 2014  |  more Details
"Textile industry promises to march ahead in 2014"

- The future for the Indian textile industry looks promising, buoyed by both strong domestic consumption as well as export demand.

published January, 2014  |  more Details
"Policy lapses of Govt affect our morale"

- Rabatex group has been able to prove its capabilities as innovator in the field of technology.

published January, 2014  |  more Details
Advanced technology solutions for spinning from BASANT

- BASANT, in partnership with Stewarts of America, offers innovative, advanced and low cost solutions for spinning.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Savio guarantees high quality spare parts

- Savio guarantees an efficient and high-quality spare parts service.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Ultimo, ultimate online solution for ring frames

- Premier Evolvics'Ultimo, the Individual Spindle OnLine Productivity and Quality Monitoring System helps to monitor and analyse exceptions on a real time basis instantaneously.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
More exhibitors from overseas

- The organisers of the 8th edition of TEXFAIR have been busy for a very long time since the event has a new attraction -- Farm to Finish Expo 2013.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Twin events optimistic of attracting 1 lakh visitors

- Since Texfair 2013 and the maiden venture of SIMA' Farm to Finish Expo 2013 are being organised concurrently, the twin events are expected to attract 75,000 to 100,000 business visitors, including overseas buyers.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
A.T.E. riding high on clean tech

- With passion, commitment, and a growing toolkit of differentiated technologies, A.T.E. is fast spreading its wings in the field of clean technology.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
MMF: A rapidly growing mass market

- More than 50 million tons of manmade fibres (MMF) are produced every year worldwide.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
From Melt to Yarn, Oerlikon's stronghold

- Under the motto of "From Melt to Yarn," Oerlikon's Manmade Fibres Segment provides producers of manmade fibres like polyester or polyamide with an integrated complete solution covering all steps of the polymer melt production process that extends to finished fibres, yarn or nonwovens.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Strong orders lift Oerlikon hopes

- Demand for Oerlikon's manmade fibre machinery continued in the third quarter of 2013 and reaffirmed the segment's best-in-class position, and the Group continued regional expansion and the roll-out of new technologies and products.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Studies on mechanical splicing with cotton yarns

- Untwisting notch, count and drafting notch have a significant effect on splice retained strength and splicing parameters do not have significant effect on splice breakage ratio and abrasion resistance.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Mills periodic analysis of techno-commercial performance

- Mills, besides concentrating on improving the commercial performance, should give equal importance to technical performance, more particularly production rate in ring frames.

published December, 2013  |  more Details
Market share undiminished despite recession

- With an estimated global market share of 33 per cent, the Switzerland plays a leading role in the textile machinery world.

published November, 2013  |  more Details
Exports to India up 32%: Cornelia

- Mrs Cornelia has been at the helm of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association of SWISSMEM since the last 3 months. She follows Dr Lukas Sigrist, who had quite a long stint with the Swiss Textile Machinery Association of SWISSMEM.

published November, 2013  |  more Details
TrÜtzschler crosses new milestone: 125 years

- TrÜtzschler celebrates 125th anniversary.

published November, 2013  |  more Details
German technology comes to Mumbai & Coimbatore

- Two technological conferences themed "German technology meets Indian textiles" will be held on 3rd December in Mumbai (Hotel Taj President) and on 5th December 2013 in Coimbatore (Hotel Le Meridian), organised by the German VDMA Textile Machinery Association and co-organised by VDMA India Office

published November, 2013  |  more Details
Moisture transportation behaviour of textiles

- The understanding of various fundamental concepts of moisture transportation is important for the development of yarns and fabrics with better comfort level. This paper reviews various fundamental concepts that are involved in moisture transportation in textiles.

published November, 2013  |  more Details
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MMF Front Looks Up
Glad tidings have come from India's man-made fibre (MMF) export front, after seven consecutive quarters of decline in its growth. MMF textile exports for the 9-month period, April 2013 to December 2013 touched US $4.2 billion against US $3.8 billion. One of
Cotton yarn: Quality depends on mixing strategy
A systematic mixing plan by maintaining the lowest possible variation in cotton quality parameters ensures trouble-free yarn production with consistent yarn quality, affirms Sunil Kumar Sharma. In a
Airbag: Life saving textiles
The airbag fabric may be coated to increase the strength of the fabric so that the fabric is reinforced, and by increasing the strength of the fabric, breakage of the airbag can be minimised, assert R Senthil Kumar and S Sundaresan
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