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Funds & Fundas 

A Confederation of Indian Textile Industry-CRISIL study has pointed out that realising the full potential of the textile sector in India would entail investments to the tune of nearly US$ 43 billion for capacity building in various segments of the industry, both in terms of modernisation and expansion.

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Nano-particles & their uses in textiles

Organic cotton: A route to eco-friendly textilesNano-particles can help enhance the physical properties of conventional textiles in areas such as anti-microbial properties, water-repellency, soil-resistance, anti-static, anti-infrared and flam retardant properties, dyeability, and strength of textile materials.

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Indian textile industry in 2006: An overview

The Government and industry advocates should continue to push the industry to grow in new directions, to remain technologically advanced and to make production even more economically viable.

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Importance of IT in textile industries

The use of Information Technology in maximum possible ways can enhance the performance of the companies and many big textile units have already adopted IT in their companies in various forms.

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Eco-friendly, crease-resistant finishing for silk

Eco-friendly, crease resistant finishes have been found to have less deleterious effect on mechanical properties like tensile strength and abrasion resistance compared with DMDHEU.

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Knitting & Garmenting

SA-8000: A vital tool for garment industry

With rising demands from customers, very soon meeting social accountability norms will be not only a competitive advantage but also will be a sheer necessity in getting overseas market access and customer satisfaction.

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Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

Coated fabrics for soft luggage & protective garments

'Link with India'Coating and laminating are important value addition processes, and in this aspect the techno-commercial aspects of packtech products like soft luggage, and clothtech products like protective garments are revealed.

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Dilo’s HPLC tech: Hyperlacing with Cyclopunching
CLUBTEX: Unity means a lot to technology
Hybrid fabrics to reinforce composites
Synteen geogrids for reinforcement
heytex® fabrics for automotives
Technical textiles: Future being woven in France
Fleissner’s production lines for spunlaced nonwoven composites

 From the Bookshelf 
Saving energy in Wet Processing
A journey into Indian textile tradition
NITRA booklets on knits, denim, threads
Formula to predict yarn tenacity
Sharpening competitive edge in weaving
Science and Technology of Man-made Fibres
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